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Re: [Rollei] FS: "The Rolleiflex SL66 and SLX Way" Book

At 09:15 PM 5/23/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Is that a rare book?

Yes, quite rare, because each one is hand-scribed by monks in Nepal.

It takes about 3.5 monk-months for each book plus 1.4 monk-weeks to 
assemble and bind each one.

The reject rate is now running around 66 percent because the monks don't 
read German, and many books are assembled in a random order, thus causing 
an unsatisfactory Bokeh.

Since there is now a shortage of monks due to so many being assigned to the 
duty of blessing Everest climbers, only 2.8 monks are available for 
scribing at any one time.  This will improve during the winter months, 
however, as the climbing season winds down.

There are some supply problems because the relationship between Nepal and 
India is tenuous, causing periodic interruptions in the ink supply.  They 
tried Yak blood for some prototypes, but the printing quickly faded at high 
altitude before the books could be hauled down for shipment.

Things are somewhat better with respect to paper since Egypt has a surplus 
of papyrus which is readily available at reasonable prices.

When you add the Hillary step price increment, the monks make only a modest 
profit on each book.

>Jaydawnvw   wrote:
> > For Sale:
> >
> > "The Roleiflex SL66 and SLX Way" book by L.A. Mannheim
> >
> > Excellent condition.   $290.00
> >
> > Jay Vande Walle
> >
> > (920)996-0294

Don Williams
La Jolla, CA