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RE: [Rollei] Re: FS--23 May 03

I have the 30mm Russian MC and a Kiev 88cm to use it. The contrast is a
bit less then my 50mm Rollei Zeiss HFT coated lens, but very good.  The
difference is like comparing an image on Kodak Porta nc 160 using iso
160 vs using iso 80.

I cannot compare my 30mm to the Zeiss version. I owned an early 1990s
Russian 30mm and sold it to buy the newer MC version of the Russian. The
MC is a great improvement over the earlier single coat version.  I agree
client do not tell the current 30mm Russian from the Zeiss. 


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Distortion is a given, even with my 40mm S/A. But, how's the contrast?
Particularly with B/W.
Slobodan Dimitrov

QWhoZeiss   wrote:
> The Russian 30mm was outstanding.  When you think about what your
> photographing with a 30mm.  The only things you can look at are
sharpness and color,
> distortaion??? The Russian on the 2000 FCW held it's own woth the
> I would not be worried showing the photos with it to a client, they
can not
> tell one from the other.
> T. Mike -- And it's still for sale.