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[Rollei] Re: OT Sailor Fountain Pen

Jeffery Smith wrote:

> I should have known that this group, who values the simplest and best,
> would know what a 1911 is. Weren't both the Rolleiflex and 1911 designed
> around the same time with WWI in mind?
> Jeffery

Hi Jeffery -

The first F & H products were stereo cameras designed and produced post-war
in the 1920s... As for the .45 ACP, lore not withstanding, I don't know if
every GI who actually shot them in combat would agree that they were the
simplest and the best. My own father, who was an ordinance and supply
Sargent in WWII, certainly would not... but perhaps you mean for the time,
turn of the century?

Eric Goldstein