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Re: [Rollei] Rolleiflex 3.5E species

Thanks Todd, your message and Vincent L. Gookin's
message completely explain the differences.My book,
"The Rolleiflex" (page 97), by W.D.Emanuel, is correct
because he writes that the 3.5E3 is similar to F
except with the EVS system and non coupled meter, but
he doesn't explain why the 3.5E3 is similar to F as
Vincent L.Gookin explained, then I avoided to mention
this circunstance. The internal similarity between the
F and the E3 also explains the self-timer position in
the E3, not the Compur shutter model, this is clear
for me now.
All the best
 --- todd <todd_belcher  > escribió: > The E2
is essentially an E except with removable WLF
> and flat glass option.
> The E3 is essentially an F except with the EVS
> system, non coupled meter 
> and flat glass option.
> Most of these differences can be seen internally and
> further liken the 
> E2 to the E and the E3 to the F.
> There are other differences and similarities.
> todd
> SandersM   wrote:
> > Can someone on the list explain the difference
> between a Rolleiflex 
> > 3.5E2 and a 3.5E3?  I know the E2 model is the E
> without the meter.  
> > What distinguishes the E3 from the E2?
> > 
> > Sanders McNew
> > 

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