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RE: [Rollei] Re: Ebay camera question

At 05:16 PM 5/22/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Jerry,
>I agree, it does appear to have 12/24 capability because of the little
>switch on the right side back near the back hinge just under the "rail".
>But it's kind of a bastard camera...one side has the earlier half moon under
>the strap clasp, and the other side doesn't.  Perhaps the person who
>installed the 12/24 mechanism (or some other errant repair person) forgot to
>re-install the half moon, but none the less, for what this camera is selling
>for, that would be a concern for me.

I cleaned up the views with Photoshop and can see more detail now.  I see a 
little shiny piece hanging down from the rail on the right side near the 
back.  Is that the reset switch you are talking about?

I had always thought the frame counter switch was on the right side, near 
the front.

Don Williams
La Jolla, CA