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RE: [Rollei] Re: Ebay camera question

Hi Todd,

> Austin,
> I don't really know for sure, but I am going to say probably not. The
> local distributor would have to add it after the fact, rather than
> Rollei Germany. So the cameras was most likely never really offered with
> the option. There is no listing (part number) of a camera as such.

I wouldn't expect there to be, but I would expect that you could order the
camera with a WLF or a prism, with a case, or without, with a particular
screen, and, with a 12/24 switch or not.

> It looks to me like it was first offered in 1965/66 - about the same
> time the other 12/24 option became available.

That's what I figured, which would mean, at least to me, two things.  It was
really meant for previously sold cameras, which would mean it wouldn't have
been an "orderable" option, and two, that if you wanted an "orderable"
12/24, you would get the later one with the raised side cover.