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Re: WG: [Rollei] OT: Acute Matte Screen.. Ebay

At 07:07 PM 5/23/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>With the removable WLFs came the Rolleiclear screens, a huge improvement
>and - to my knowledge - a 'Rollei First'. These screens replace the ground
>glass (and make the Rolleigrid obsolete). They are made of plastic material
>and have a surface that consists of a multitude of 'microscopic prisms' that
>give the effect of a matte screen AND the bright edges of a Fresnel screen.
>This technology is the basis for ALL of todays camera screens.
>If I were to rate the screens on a scale from 1 to 10 then the old ground
>glass would be a 1, ground glass plus Rolleigrid a 1.5, Rolleiclear 7 and
>the current HighD screens (and the Maxwells/Beatties) probably a 10. So in
>my eyes, the biggest improvement happened when the Rolleiclear was

Just out of curiosity I took a look at my Rolleiclear with a 10X loupe and 
can see, very clearly, concentric rings which would be what one would 
expected with a Fresnel design.

At the same time, I see some sort of "roughness" on the surface, most 
likely to provide a plane for the image, but at that magnification I 
couldn't see the details of this "roughness".

If someone has the time to look at a Rolleiclear with a microscope maybe 
the design of this "roughness" would become apparent, but there is no doubt 
that there are indeed concentric patterns on the bottom surface of the 

These rings can actually be seen without magnification.

Don Williams
La Jolla, CA