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Re: [Rollei] OT: Acute Matte Screen.. Ebay

I think some of the confusion comes from the silly name Rolleigrid (as there is no grid on it) and from the fact that 'Rolleiclear' only is a sales name - used in the U.S. and possibly elsewhere - whereas in Germany it was called Hell-Einstellscheibe and I have no idea about Iceland and Portugal...

Rollei cameras had real ground glasses until the introduction of the removable WLF in the late fifties.
(As for the dates - we could find out the production start but market introduction dates would vary anyway)

These older finders were rather dim, so the Rolleigrid was invented - a plastic 'screen' with fresnel rings on it - that went ON TOP of the ground glass and brightened up the edges a bit. The effect is noticeable but not overwhelming and I personally don't like it. Finders that can take the Rolleigrid (e.g. that of the MX-EVS) have a little tab on the rear side of the finder that operates on a spring to hold the Rolleigrid in place.  

With the removable WLFs came the Rolleiclear screens, a huge improvement and - to my knowledge - a 'Rollei First'. These screens replace the ground glass (and make the Rolleigrid obsolete). They are made of plastic material and have a surface that consists of a multitude of 'microscopic prisms' that give the effect of a matte screen AND the bright edges of a fresnel screen. This technology is the basis for ALL of todays camera screens. 
If I were to rate the screens on a scale from 1 to 10 then the old ground glass would be a 1, ground glass plus Rolleigrid a 1.5, Rolleiclear 7 and the current HighD screens (and the Maxwells/Beatties) probably a 10. So in my eyes, the biggest improvement happened when the Rolleiclear was introduced. 

As for the sizes, you cannot be 100% sure which is which, because Rollei also made conversion kits for older cameras. Nowadays, a cheap way of improving the WLF of an old Automat is to fit a used SL66/SLX/6000 screen instead of the ground glass. These are only slightly smaller, but - as they are thicker - they require shimming or adjustment of the viewing lens to sit in the correct position.


Zitat von Jerry Lehrer <jerryleh  >:

> Don
> It is a Rolleiclear.  Remember you gave me the Rolleigrid.
> The first named is a replacement screen.  The second is a
> supplementary screen.
> Jerry
> Don Williams wrote:
> > At 08:49 AM 5/22/2003 -0700, you wrote:
> >
> > >Roger
> > >
> > >Looks like the seller is confusing the issue.  Rollei made the
> > >Rolleigrid to go over the ground glass screen. ALL other
> > >screens are replacements for the original GG screen. They
> > >require shim compensation due to difference in thickness.
> > >
> > >Jerry
> >
> > Jerry-
> >
> > I'm really confused.  I have a plastic Fresnel focusing screen which fits
> > right into my 3.5F and it was made by Rollei for that specific purpose.  It
> > replaces any focusing screen which might have been in the camera at
> delivery.
> >
> > If it's not a Rolleigrid, what would it be?
> >
> > Don Williams
> > La Jolla, CA