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RE: [Rollei] Re: Ebay camera question

> I thought the photos were pretty poor as well.  It does make you
> wonder why there would be such a strong response to this
> particular offering.  I haven't been following 2.8F's lately, but
> I'm pretty sure I've seen very clean and recent ones that
> attracted less notice.

Take a look at the bid history, as Jerry suggests.  All it takes is two
people who want to spend money and won't be defeated to drive the price up.

Personally, I bid once, and with 6 seconds to go.  Gives me one bid, and I
win it or don't, at a price I am comfortable with winning it with, or
knowing I'd be equally as happy losing it as I would be mad having overspent
on it.

But, sometimes you can get great deals because of poor photos.  It takes a
lot of research and tooth pulling to get the right info from a seller...but
sometimes it's worth it.  I got a near mint Aurum for the lowest price I've
seen an Aurum go for because of poor description and poor pictures.