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Re: [Rollei] still OT: My New Fountain Pen

As long as you don't use India ink in them, any fountain pen ink will do 
fine. If you use India ink, prepare to buy a sonicator.

At 08:03 AM 5/23/2003 +0530, you wrote:
> > >When the pen clogged and needed repair, I sent it to F.P.H.  They said
> > >problem was I hadn't used Montblanc ink, which contains special
> > >kind of like automotive gasoline.  Sheesh!
>What nonsense these guys talk - I use Pelikan/Omas/Namiki - and I use
>whatever Permanent Black ink lies around - mainly as Jay says, Quink, made
>in India, and I have never had a problem. All I do is clean a pen thoroughly
>once in a while.