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RE: [Rollei] OT Sailor Fountain Pen

I googled a few places and found the 1911 for about $169 to $179. Maybe I
ought to try ebay.


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Yes, I have some Sailor Pens, and I think that they are wonderful. The one
in this URL is one of their fancier ones. They have plain black series
called 1911. They are made with 21K Gold nibs. I bought one last August at
the Washington DC pen show for $145.00. It's a great pen. The Sailor ink
cartridges are great, too. I love their red.


Jeffery Smith wrote:

> Now that we are fountain-penning, has anyone tried a Sailor fountain 
> pen? They are Japanese and are supposedly made especially for rough 
> surfaced Japanese paper. The nib looks interesting:
> http://www.levenger.com/PAGETEMPLATES/PRODUCT/addtionalImage.asp?pageI
> D=1189
> At $300, it is relatively inexpensive.