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Re: [Rollei] Re: Ebay camera question

Thanks, Todd. this is news to me..

- - Jay

At 01:28 PM 5/22/2003 -0700, todd wrote:
>Indeed that is the common form of the 12/24 switch that you know of. That 
>particular 12/24 switch (near the film counter window) requires the 
>transport mechanism either be modified or be already modified. For example 
>- Jay - your 3.5 F has a bump near the film counter window, but no actual 
>switch. That means the transport mechanism as issued by Rollei when the 
>camera was new, contains the necessary modifications to simply install one 
>extra transport piece plus the side panel with the 12/24 switch and you're 
>done - the camera could then accept 120 and 220 film. Earlier cameras did 
>not have the necessary modifications to the transport mechanism and 
>required a complete overhaul of said mechanism to accept 120 and 220 film. 
>Still earlier cameras could not even accept the transport modifications. 
>These latter cameras could accept the Rollei modified strap lug and thus 
>be available for 120 and 220 film. Interestingly, many Rollei TLR can 
>accept the 12/24 strap lug, like the E, the MX-EVS as well as F cameras 
>since all it does is push on an internal lever that releases the counter 
>and reset it to zero.
>Jay Kumarasamy wrote:
>>>That's interesting.  Both my 120/220 2.8F's have a little "flip switch" 
>>>at about the Two o'clock position on the circle around the advance 
>>>crank, and no "half-moon" under the strap lug.  I had no idea there was 
>>>a totally different 120/220 configuration.
>>>G. King
>>I too thought that the 12/24 button was the flip switch..
>>- Jay