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Re: [Rollei] Re: Ebay camera question

Indeed that is the common form of the 12/24 switch that you know of. 
That particular 12/24 switch (near the film counter window) requires the 
transport mechanism either be modified or be already modified. For 
example - Jay - your 3.5 F has a bump near the film counter window, but 
no actual switch. That means the transport mechanism as issued by Rollei 
when the camera was new, contains the necessary modifications to simply 
install one extra transport piece plus the side panel with the 12/24 
switch and you're done - the camera could then accept 120 and 220 film. 
Earlier cameras did not have the necessary modifications to the 
transport mechanism and required a complete overhaul of said mechanism 
to accept 120 and 220 film. Still earlier cameras could not even accept 
the transport modifications. These latter cameras could accept the 
Rollei modified strap lug and thus be available for 120 and 220 film. 
Interestingly, many Rollei TLR can accept the 12/24 strap lug, like the 
E, the MX-EVS as well as F cameras since all it does is push on an 
internal lever that releases the counter and reset it to zero.


Jay Kumarasamy wrote:
>> That's interesting.  Both my 120/220 2.8F's have a little "flip 
>> switch" at about the Two o'clock position on the circle around the 
>> advance crank, and no "half-moon" under the strap lug.  I had no idea 
>> there was a totally different 120/220 configuration.
>> G. King
> I too thought that the 12/24 button was the flip switch..
> - Jay