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RE: [Rollei] still OT: My New Fountain Pen

www.levenger.com sells all kinds of fountain pen ink. I like their house
brand mocha and Parker cocoa (brown) inks. I sign about 3,000
diplomas/certificates each year, and the brown shade looks good on the buff
paper and also shows that it is an orginal signature rather than a xeroxed

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>When the pen clogged and needed repair, I sent it to F.P.H.  They said 
>the problem was I hadn't used Montblanc ink, which contains special 
>cleansers, kind of like automotive gasoline.  Sheesh!
>BTW, I think Pelikan pens also require special ink.

Incorrect.   I use Montblanc/Pelikan (though, Pelikan is my favorite) with 
Sheaffer  ink.  No
problems.   Parker used  to make ink called Quink.  I don't seem to find 
them here.   They are
still made in India under license.   I liked their Blue-Black ink.  Its 
color is blue-black while
writing, but after a day or so, it becomes dark, beautiful shade.

- - Jay

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> > Congratulations on the new pen.
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> > Now you can search for your favorite fountain pen ink!
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> > John
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