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RE: [Rollei] OT: Acute Matte Screen.. Ebay

Hey GK,

For $35 it was worth a shot. If he indicated it would fit the Rollei
models as listed in the ebay description it may very well fit.  He may
be referring to it as an acute matte but in fact it may be a different
manufacturer like Beattie, Maxwell, or Brightscreen.  So it may work out
for you yet.

Peter K

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In a message dated 5/21/2003 6:59:11 PM Eastern Standard Time,
jerryleh   writes:

> GK.
> You got screwed!  Acute Matte screens are just for the Hasselblad.
> What is shown looks like a cut down Mamiya 67 screen or similar.
> Price is fair for what you won, not for what was offered.
> Caveat Biddor :-)
> Jerry
Jerry, I bid (it was a "buy it now" deal) knowing it could be something
less than it claimed to be.  The seller has good feedback though, so
I'll wait and see what shows up here and how well it works (if I
actually decide to install it ... I have sort of mixed feelings about
modifying the cord, since it's in "collector" condition.)

I do appreciate the input.