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Re: [Rollei] OT: Acute Matte Screen.. Ebay

GK.  I saw that or a similar ad a couple weeks ago and I made inquiry on it
and am inclined to give it a try. The seller said that you need not remove
the old screen but simply place the this screen right over the other and it
increases brightness. In the previous ad he had a money back guarantee.

I checked with my Wisconsin repair shop and he said  that it increased
brightness around the corners but otherwise not too significantly. Of course
he sells screens at 4X that price. For the price that may be sufficient. I
am considering one and I would be most interested in your  results.Since the
seller is offering a number of these, I would think that he would take a
return if it did not work as you wanted. Thanks for the information.


        Roger (not True Badger but from the Badger state -WI)

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> A month or so I added a Rolleicord IV to my assortment of Rollei gear.
I've shot one roll with it so far, and am satisfied enough with having
purchased the camera. The focus screen (original ground glass) is of course,
a bit dim, although easy enough to focus, if not to compose on.
> I decided to take a chance on this item I found on ebay.. anyone have any
comment to offer on whether this is a decent screen or not?
> Thanks for any remarks.
> G. King