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Re: [Rollei] Re: TEFLON

Quoting Don Williams <dwilli10  >:

> Are Teflon-coated bullets still available on the
> open market or have they 
> been banned?

Seriously veering OT, but oh well: 

A made up non-issue. They were developed for a 
specialized law enforcement use, appear not to have 
performed as well as anticipated, and to my knowledge 
did not make it to the general public. This was the 
same sort of "made for media consumption issue" like 
the assertions about Glocks being "undetectable to X-
ray plastic guns," when in fact they are over 80% 
steel. Even the plastic outline of the receiver shows 
up security X-rays.

Clinton tried pushing it in the late '90s as some sort 
of anti-crime measure, but the truth of the matter is 
that most high velocity hunting rifle ammunition will 
penetrate a police or civilian grade vest, especially 
one of America's favorite venison getters, the 7 mm.

- -Robin