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[Rollei] RE: OT: Part III: Hassey Rigid Chimney "in production"

Another update on the Hassey chimney:

My knowledgeable father-in-law, who can make just about anything and has
a great knowledge of optics, Zeiss, and anything precise (hey that
rhymes!), has taken up the task to create a metal base just like the
base of a Rolleiflex WLF. He will then mount the chimney finder on the
base so I can conveniently interchange the chimney finder just like a
WLF. He said he could make it in a few days.

If successful, I told him to consider making these bases for other
Rollei users. It would be a nice thing to have, especially considering
how $$ it is to buy a used Rolleiflex WLF.  I'll update again once I
have the finished product.


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Subject: [Rollei] OT: Hassey Rigid Chimney: Part II -- WTB "beater" WLF

OK, I have my older Hassey rigid chimney that I bought used for $50.  I
took off the hood on my R-T and looked at fittings. The Hassey hood does
seem to fit pretty well, but I'm *not* going to try to take apart my
existing WLF to do this. I tried to get a used Rolleiflex WLF on eBay,
and the one that I bid on went for $96! Too much!!

Long story short, if anyone has a beater Rolleiflex WLF I'd like to buy
it. If I can't find a WLF to cannibalize I will get my father in law to
make me a mount for the chimney.