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Re: [Rollei] [OT] digital question

At 04:48 PM 5/20/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>This is off-topic, but I'm hoping some of you digi-wizards out there can
>help.  I've noticed the newer and cheaper generation of digital cameras
>(Nikon 3100, Canon A70) offer 3.2 megapixels but have a sensor array the
>same size as their 2.1 MP models (1/2.7"), while the older generation of
>3.2 MP models had an array size of 1/1.8".  Obviously, you still have the
>same number of pixels to work with, but I'm wondering if there should be
>any theoretical or real effect on image quality with the smaller arrays.
>I've downloaded some images from the A70 and they look really nice.  To my
>eyes they compare favorably with images from the older, larger-array models
>like the Nikon 885.
>Anyone have any thoughts on this?  TIA...Phil
>Phil Swango

Hi Phil,

   There is a relation (that someone else might know better than I) between 
the pixel spacing and amount of noise. The smaller the CCD with a higher 
density will have a higher noise ratio than a larger sensor with larger 
pixel spacing. So the newer and cheaper digicams are of higher density and 
higher resolution, but it comes at a price. Some people are willing to put 
up with the noise for a cheap digicam, others are not, it's up to you. I 
seem to remember that someone on the list here actually designs CCD or CMOS 
digital sensors. Maybe they will be able to give you a better and more 
definitive explanation.

Hope this helps,
Rick H.