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Re: [Rollei] Going Price for a 30mm Distagon?


One of these, (used) did sell 2-3 years ago on ebay for only a bit less
than $3000 as I remember.  The seller had to list it more than once
before he sold it.  Not a big market for it although I'd certainly like
to have one but can't justify the price for the little bit of use that I
would have for it.

Ebay prices seem to be down of late, and a lot of items are getting no
bids at all.

Those 2 1/2 million jobs lost in the last 2 1/2 years are making a
difference in folks spending.

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Jim - http://www.hemenway.com

Doug Brightwell wrote:
> I may want to fund another purchase by selling my 30mm Distagon fisheye (for
> a 600x series Rollei).
> Any ideas what the lens is worth? And how easily I could sell it?
> Is it the kind of lens that could take months to find a  buyer because of
> it's unique focal length? Or would it likely sell right away because of
> short supply in the used market?
> Couldn't find any 30mm's that had sold on eBay for comparison. Kurland lists
> a "demo" price of $3895.
> Of course, offering it for auction is the ultimate way to determine it's
> value. But for purposes of planning the other purchase, how can I determine
> a ballpark that I can reasonably count on?
> Thanks,
> Doug
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> Doug Brightwell
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