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Re: [Rollei] Example of the six language instructions, OK !!

> Thank you to those who have replied.  To confirm the languages
> I have one of the manuals on my web page:
> http://richard.urmonas.com/manuals/rollei-flash-2/rollei-flash-2.html
> I very grateful if someone could confirm that the Portugese and
> Spanish pages are correctly identified.

As a native speaker of a latine language, I Confirm.

Below is for those who have their mail reading software configured
with a the ISO-8859-1 or ISO-8859-15 character set.

The "ç" letter is commonly found in French, pronounced as 'ss' and
Turkish, pronounced as 'dj'.

The combination of letters "ção" is a very typical signature of
Portuguese. "ão" like in "São Paulo" is simply pronounced something
like 'Sann'.

Letters typical to Danish are "Ø", and "Æ" and are not used in
Swedish. "Ö" is used in Swedish instead of "Ø". The letter "Å" is
common to Swedish and Danish.

Among scandinavian character sets, Icelandic is immediately identified
by the letters "Ð" and "Þ" pronounced like both variants of the "TH"
in English.

- -- 
Emmanuel BIGLER