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Re: [Rollei] Tmax and Rollei Planars

Quoting Gene Johnson <genej2  >:

> I ran exactly one roll of D-3200 in this stuff.  The time was a guess,
> probably the time for straight XTOL from the massive dev chart (6.5 min)and
> the result was distinctly ok.  Looked to me like it could have used a little
> more development time.  You said decent gamma.  I don't have a gammamometer,
> but I would give the better ones a subjective ok gamma rating.  They printed
> just fine, sharp and with very acceptable grain,  I just wish there had been
> something  good on the roll.  Comparing the negs to some TMX negs there is
> definitely more fog on the 3200 negs, but not unacceptably so. The TMX negs
> have VERY low fog. The Plus-X has been done much more.  One of my friends
> runs a lot of it and his negs look pretty snappy with very low fog and nice
> highlights.  He's using the same 7 minutes that I'm using with the TMX.
> What did you rate your D-3200 at?  I believe I used 1600 but I didn't record
> the development time .  I've probably run 25 rolls of TMX in it by now, and
> I can say pretty confidently that it does everything at least as well as the
> TMAX did, but with much less grain. I probably shouldn't have endorsed it
> for the 3200 with such little experience.

I normally run Delta 3200 at ISO 1200/32 and develop in Rodinal.
I initially tried something like 8 min development (I don't have 
my notes with me), and extended that to 15 or 16 minutes.  
All versions gave a gamma of around 0.48 which would look a little
under developed as you observed.  I prefer a gamma closer to 0.6,
which is slightly contrastier than most people use these days.
The speed using this developer was also slower than Rodinal.
Also as you observed the fog level was worse than normal.

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Richard Urmonas
rurmonas  .au

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