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Re: [Rollei] What did you do in the war? (long)

At 08:51 PM 5/19/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>At 09:36 PM 5/19/03 -0300, Carlos Manuel Freaza wrote:
> >Mr. Small excuse me again, I hope you read the URL
> >sent by Don Williams.  However, I didn't read the books
> >you mentioned.  My sources are "The WW II" wrote by
> >Raymond Cartier, a French journalist, edited by
> >Laurosse-Paris Match, translated to Spanish, and the
> >Winston Churchill's Memories also translated to
> >Spanish.  I can't discuss technical themes too much (I'm
> >a lawyer, not an engineer or technician) , but I can
> >discuss historical facts, I like it.-
>And just what is your objection to my original posting?

He's an attorney Marc.  That's his job.

I think, since I'm sort of technically oriented, and now am spending a lot 
of time reading the history of science, mostly Physics and Electronics, 
that the real bottom line is that most of the technology which we attribute 
to coming out of WW II is based on prior knowledge.

I would strongly state, however, that WW II is what brought that prior 
knowledge into useful products rather than just letting it sit around in 
dissertations, symposia reports, and publications.

More specifically, my position is that things which started onto the path 
of being practical as early as 1920, were really in one way or another 
propelled along their way, either by the war itself, or the notion that 
another war was on the way.

Thus the URL I cited, and which refers to events somewhat prior to WW II, 
was intended to support Marc's posting, not refute it.

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