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Re: [Rollei] What did you do in the war? (long)

Mr. Small excuse me again, I hope you read the URL
sent by Don Williams.However, I didn't read the books
you mentioned. My sources are "The WW II" wrote by
Raymond Cartier, a French journalist, edited by
Laurosse-Paris Match, translated to Spanish, and the
Winston Churchill's Memories also translated to
Spanish.I can't discuss technical themes too much (I'm
a lawyer, not an engineer or technician) , but I can
discuss historical facts, I like it.-
All the best
- --- Marc James Small <msmall  > escribió:
> At 08:11 PM 5/19/03 -0300, Carlos Manuel Freaza
> wrote:
> > OK Mr. Small, I wanted say Air Defense. The
> British
> >organized the first Integrated Air Defense System
> in
> >the world based on radar. This System allowed the
> >British pilots wait the Luftwaffe's attack flying
> in
> >the suitable location. Goering knew radar's
> >importance, and he attacked the radar towers at
> >battle's beginning, but afterward Hitler ordered
> >attack the cities and the RAF surveyed inflicting
> to 
> >Luftwaffe casualties too much, then the German
> >Oberkommand decided stop the attacks, thinking in
> >Russia.
> >
> Thank you, Carlos. You probably should read Dr
> Jones' memoirs, or Sir
> Bernard Lovell's,  to learn how radar was turned
> from a clumsy and almost
> useless laboratory item into a really workable
> system by 1943.
> Marc
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