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Re: [Rollei] What did you do in the war? (long)

At 08:11 PM 5/19/03 -0300, Carlos Manuel Freaza wrote:
> OK Mr. Small, I wanted say Air Defense. The British
>organized the first Integrated Air Defense System in
>the world based on radar. This System allowed the
>British pilots wait the Luftwaffe's attack flying in
>the suitable location. Goering knew radar's
>importance, and he attacked the radar towers at
>battle's beginning, but afterward Hitler ordered
>attack the cities and the RAF surveyed inflicting to 
>Luftwaffe casualties too much, then the German
>Oberkommand decided stop the attacks, thinking in

Thank you, Carlos. You probably should read Dr Jones' memoirs, or Sir
Bernard Lovell's,  to learn how radar was turned from a clumsy and almost
useless laboratory item into a really workable system by 1943.


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