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Re: [Rollei] What did you do in the war? (long)

At 06:48 PM 5/19/03 -0300, Carlos Manuel Freaza wrote:
>Excuse me please, Mr. Small, the radar is pre-WWII.
>England organized the DCA against the Luftwaffe on
>1940/41 thanks the radar invented before the war.
>Goering lost England's battle when he didn't attack
>the radar towers and attacked the cities.-

Amd thank you, Carlos.  I am not certain just what you mean by "DCA", but
the British DID organize various radar chains by 1938.  Still, the vast
improvement in radar, turning it from a theory into practice, occurred
during the War, especially with the development of centimetric radar by the
British in 1941. 

References available on request, as they say!


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