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Re: [Rollei] What's This?? (was Chimney Finder)

I'm not sure, but I have the enormous suspicion that
the chimney is an accesory made by Hensoldt from
Wetzlar, a Carl Zeiss  company. Hensoldt is specialist
in binoculars, riflescope,microscope, telescope and
optical systems for tanks and armoured cars. During
40's,and 50's they made several prisms, viewfinders
and other accesories for Rolleiflex TLR, Leica,
Contax, Zeiss Ikon, etcetera. The design appears good
(and very similar to anothers Hensoldt's designs) and
I'd like one for my 2.8C.-
All the best

- --- Ed Krebs <ArloTDog  > escribió: > Can
anyone identify this chimney finder?
> http://www.edkrebs.com/tempimages/chimney.jpg
> When I bought it, it was attached to a '49 Automat;
> now it is on a 3.5E.  There
> are no identifying marks on it, but the four
> mounting screw holes line up.  I
> don't know if it is an original piece, or if it was
> modified.  The 'door' in the
> front swings up to reveal a peephole or
> 'sportsfinder'.  The eyepiece is
> adjustable.
> Ed Krebs
> The Thalia Street Gallery, http://edkrebs.com

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