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Re: [Rollei] Tmax and Rollei Planars

This thread has generated a lot of discussion on developers, and as someone noted, in the end, it's a taste-based issue.

I think, in various readings here and elsewhere, I've seen every known developer praised and cursed in equal measure, with every known defect and benefit attributed to each at one time or another.

The key I think, is finding a minimum possible number of film/developer/teqnique combinations that suit your expectations and STICKING WITH THEM.

Of course, the manufacturers can throw a monkey wrench in your game at any instant by tinkering with the product, and they often do.  Then you have to start over.

For years I used Edwal FG-7 diluted 1:15 in 9% sodium sufite solution. Then Falcon bought Edwal, and FG7 became unreliable as to shelf-life.

By then I was also doing some 4x5, so I switched to TMAX-RS in a one-gallon tank line, and went the replenishment route. This is a marvelous developer IF YOU USE IT RIGHT, but you can find endless complaints about it's consistency.  The thint is, it is totally unforgiving of changes in temperature or agitation, so your technique must be utterly consistent. It is absolutely TERRIBLE in small tank development, and even worse in a rotary processor.  For "dip and dunk" it's fantastic, and it worked well with both sheet film and 35mm and 120 roll films.

However, I had no hangers for 6x9 sheet film, which I occasionally shoot, and the only solution that would allow ALL my formats under a single methodology seemed to be a Jobo.

TMAX-RS in a Jobo will make an absolute MESS of your film.  Worst dichoric fog you could imagine.  It's also too expensive for one-shot use, even diluted.

I've now moved to HC110 (I can sort of hear the gasps of disbelief).  Dilution "B" works for all the films I use, and all the formats.  The results look fine to me.  I may not be getting QUITE the shadow separation I used to get with FG-7, but that's a dead horse anyway.

You can buy it anywhere, it's simple to mix, it's economical for one-shot use, and gives consistent results.

G. King