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Re: [Rollei] Re: Question on Agfa 25 B&W film

There are variations of D76 that omit hydroquinone.  If you use lots of
developer, it might be worth your while to mix it from scratch.  Xtol is an
excellent developer that I used happily for almost 3 years until
experiencing Xtol sudden death syndrome.  I no longer trust it and have gone
back to D76 and DDX (expensive Microphen).  If I were to continue with Xtol
it would have necessitated snip tests before every developing batch, and I
know myself well enough to anticipate one day skipping that step, possibly
to subsequent sorrow.  There is lots on this issue in Google groups.

Allen Zak

on 5/19/03 7:36 AM, Daniel Ridings at daniel.ridings  wrote:

> According to the warning texts on the packages even small amounts down the
> drain can do serious damage to the microorganisms in the water system. I'm
> not a rabid freak about this, but I figured 1) if Kodak was warning me and
> 2) the county was requiring that I collect my developer in containers and
> turn it in at the toxic waste center (not far away, but still a pain) and
> 3) things I've heard on the net, without really paying serious attention
> to them ... well, all those made me realize that some of this stuff is
> actually a no-no ... and I go through quite a lot of developer.
> From what I understand, Xtol is Kodak's solution to the problem. I thank
> them and use it. I can't say that I've really felt I've lost anything
> because of the switch to Xtol. In fact, I feel it is a slightly better
> developer when it comes to sharpness with good tonality.
> I think it's the hydroquinine in D76 / ID11 and others that is the
> culprit. We have people very versed in chemistry here so I'll pass on
> trying to provide qualified technical answers.
> I don't have a package in front of me (and won't until I return home
> around Sunday), but if you want, I'll cite the details then.
> Daniel
> On Mon, 19 May 2003 fyodor   wrote:
>> Daniel,
>> I've been only using D76 for more than 10 years...
>> I have never heard any concerns about D76 and environment: could you please
>> explain what exactly you mean by "environmental reasons"?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Fyodor.
>> Daniel Ridings writes:
>>> I'm mostly interested in Rodinal. I want to stay away from D76 for
>>> environmental reasons.