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Re: [Rollei] Tmax and Rollei Planars

This is yet another example of the extreme variability of what, in the end,
are taste-based results.  When TMax 100 first came out in 1986 I exposed and
developed it in TMax exactly according to directions (long version in Kodak
publication F32) and it came out "perfect".  It was the first time ever I
tried a new film and everything went right on the first try.  OTOH, it took
me 20 rolls and the better part of a year to get comfy with TMax 400.

Since then I have had excellent results developing TMX in D76 at various
dilutions, also Edwal TG7 and Rodinal.  The results between one and another
have shown slight differences that could matter to some photographers but
not others. 

Yes, there are differences in developers, and I am enough of a tinkerer to
test a new one from time to time.  But I half-remember an observation by a
photographer from the early 20th century who, when evaluating a new process,
remarked there seemed to be countless ways to arrive at the same result (you
say potato, and I say potahto ;-).

Allen Zak

on 5/19/03 6:56 AM, Nick Roberts at nickbroberts  wrote:

> Bob, my findings with TMax 100 are that it doesn't
> actually work that well with TMax dev - I struggle to
> get anything like a full tonal range on the neg. I
> understand that TMax dev is really designed as a
> speed-enhancing dev, and indeed I love it with TMax
> 3200 and Delta 3200 - I also have found it the best
> dev for F+Delta 400 for my taste. I personally have
> found TMax 100 a difficult film to work with, but I
> think I've found the answer - DiXactol. The results
> I've seen from this combination are stunning, with a
> magnificent tonal range  - a friend of mine swears by
> it - so I'm going to give it a go. And I think that
> this combination should indeed preserve the best from
> the Planar, a lens that I personally think shines with
> B&W.
> Nick
> --- Bob McClelland <bob  > wrote:
>> Hi All - I've just been given some TMAX 100 and am
>> wondering about how best
>> to develop it (once I've exposed it, of course!)  Is
>> it worth getting TMAX
>> developer?  What are your findings?  I want to
>> preserve the best from the
>> Planar on my Rollei . (There - we're on topic now
>> :-)
>> Many thanks,
>> regards,
>> Bob
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