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Re: [Rollei] Rollei 35 specific list?

I have an infrared distance finder that I bought for another purpose. It is
not practical to use with the 35 because it is bigger for one thing. As True
Badger mentioned, it is just as easy to learn the technique of estimating
distances. One is really more concerned about estimating the shorter
distances at the wider lens openings.

As far as the 35S & 35T that take the mercury battery, the meter can be
adjusted to take the alkaline 1.5V Although the battery voltages goes down
with use,  it is not that fast or that much and Fleernor adjusted my German
35 and I find it works adequately

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> Interestingly enough, I'm very suprised that no one has mentioned using a
> laser distance finder.  You can usually pick them up at a hardware store
> for cheap, and it shouldn't be too hard to mount onto the side of your
> just a suggestion.
> ~kev.
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