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Re: [Rollei] Tmax and Rollei Planars


If you're into mixing your own, I have a recipe that was given to me by Pat
Gainer that is pretty much all I use any more.  TMX is my primary film.
It's really easy to make, has very nice sharpness and tone, and is VERY
cheap.  It also works well on every other film I've tried it with ( Tri-X,
Plus-X, Delta 3200) If you're interested, I'll send the recipe.

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Subject: [Rollei] Tmax and Rollei Planars

> Hi All - I've just been given some TMAX 100 and am wondering about how
> to develop it (once I've exposed it, of course!)  Is it worth getting TMAX
> developer?  What are your findings?  I want to preserve the best from the
> Planar on my Rollei . (There - we're on topic now :-)
> Many thanks,
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