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Re: [Rollei] Question on Agfa 25 B&W film

On 17 May 2003, at 16:54, TrueBadger   wrote:

>A friend of mine who is a pro who switched to digital about a year and a half ago is offering me some Agfa B&W film he has in his freezer. (He's pretty much retired his Hassy gear entirely).
>I'm not familiar with this film, but he tells me it's absolutely great stuff.  Anyone here have opinions?  
>He isn't sure, but thinks he has something close to 100 rolls.
No Its a dangerous substance, and contains organic chemicals, 
polymers and some heavy metals including silver and as such 
should be disposed of properly. As a trained chemist, I am in the 
happy position of being able to offer you access to such a disposal 
facility and in the interests of promoting a cleaner world will cover 
the shipping costs.

More seriously:
If its APX25 its an emulsion which has a very good reputation 
indeed, although you must factor in the fact that when any 
emulsion goes off the market it always gets the reputaion of having 
been the only emulsion in the world worth shooting on.  If the 
photographer is interested in selling to other intersted parties, I 
would also be interested in getting my hands on some.  As for 
yourself I'd advise buy it, use it and move on. 
All the best
Larry Cuffe

>G. King