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Re: [Rollei] The six languages of Rollei instructions

I have several instruction sheets and manuals for
Rollei accesories and cameras only in Spanish, then
the last language is Spanish.
If you find similar words too much between the fifht
language and the last language (Spanish), also the "Ç"
(in the fifth language), the fifth language is
Portuguese, the "Ç" is used in Portuguese, not in
All the best
 --- Richard Urmonas <rurmonas   escribió:
> I have several instruction sheets for rollei
> acessories
> which are in six european languages.  The lanuguages
> in
> order are:
> German
> English
> French
> Italian
> ??? Possibly Portugese
> Spanish (I think)
> Can anyone clarify the last two languages?
> Thank you,
> Richard
> ---
> Richard Urmonas
> rurmonas  

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