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Re: [Rollei] Tmax and Rollei Planars

Bob, my findings with TMax 100 are that it doesn't
actually work that well with TMax dev - I struggle to
get anything like a full tonal range on the neg. I
understand that TMax dev is really designed as a
speed-enhancing dev, and indeed I love it with TMax
3200 and Delta 3200 - I also have found it the best
dev for F+Delta 400 for my taste. I personally have
found TMax 100 a difficult film to work with, but I
think I've found the answer - DiXactol. The results
I've seen from this combination are stunning, with a
magnificent tonal range  - a friend of mine swears by
it - so I'm going to give it a go. And I think that
this combination should indeed preserve the best from
the Planar, a lens that I personally think shines with


- --- Bob McClelland <bob  > wrote:
> Hi All - I've just been given some TMAX 100 and am
> wondering about how best
> to develop it (once I've exposed it, of course!)  Is
> it worth getting TMAX
> developer?  What are your findings?  I want to
> preserve the best from the
> Planar on my Rollei . (There - we're on topic now
> :-)
> Many thanks,
> regards,
> Bob
> Cornwall (U.K.)
> Urban Images:     www.marscovista.com
> Kernow Images:  www.kernowimages.co.uk
> Surfaces:             www.withoutgrass.com

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