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Re: [Rollei] Question on Agfa 25 B&W film

> Emmanuel wrote ...
> I have developed APX25 in ID-11-D76 diluted, in Agfa rodinal 1+50 and
> in Agfa Atomal. All those developers yield a different tonality. The
> very fine grain makes Rodinal OK although the generated grain is less
> fine than other brands.

Emmanuel, do you mind sharing your subjective experiences on tonality. I'm
in the process of going over to Agfa for 120 work. I've had decent results
with APX100 and Xtol. I have a bottle of Rodinal that I have used on
occassion, but I haven't used D76 for about a year now, and that was
before I started using Agfa APX.

The results of Agfa and Xtol can be seen on my section of the
Rollei-gallery (http://www.rollei-gallery.net/ridings/image-43264.html and
http://www.rollei-gallery.net/ridings/image-44052.html). Rodinal seems to
give me a huge range of midtones, but the highlights ... well, the high
lights seem a little "dim".


Ok, I see that was Neopan400 now.

I'm mostly interested in Rodinal. I want to stay away from D76 for
environmental reasons. Xtol works just as well for me and I have no
trouble with higher dilutions (up to 1:3).

I want to standardize on Agfa APX (100 and 400) for various reasons, one
of them being that it is really reasonably priced here, 33% cheaper than
Tri-X and about 20% cheaper than Neopan 400. That ... and I like some of
the results I've been getting.