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Re: [Rollei] Rollei 35 specific list?

At 17:55 5/18/03, G. King wrote:
>Both the rollei 35's and the minox 35's have had some occasional "pull" on 
>my interest as light, pocketable 35mm cameras of good quality.  The 
>battery issue stops me cold.

We have the technology:

I use them in a Rollei 35S and an OM-1n.  Well made, and if the Rollei is 
stored in its pouch (or camera bag) the silver cells will last very nearly 
as long as the mercury cells did, and the metal adapter should last forever 
if it's taken care of (the Rollei 35 has no "Off" switch).  I have heard of 
voltage from these being measured at about 1.4 Volts (vs. 1.35 from the 
mercury cells).  A few 1/100ths of a volt is too small to make a 
significant difference in metering, even with chrome film.  It is important 
to use ***silver*** cells in this device as they hold their voltage 
constant until end of life, just as the mercury cells did.  In addition to 
higher voltage this is the other problem with the alkaline PX-625 
replacement.  Alkalines gradually drop voltage after about half 
life.  Using alkalines in these adapters defeats the purpose of maintaining 
a constant voltage.

- -- John