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Re: [Rollei] Re: Cameras and People...

Especially useful if your Rollei model has the little lens built into
the rear of the WLF, for use in focusing when using the Sports finder.
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Jim - http://www.hemenway.com

Eric Goldstein wrote:
> TrueBadger   wrote:
> > I don't do the sort of follow-pan shot that PJC gave as an example, but I'm
> > pretty sure that the use of a pistol grip and a prism, or even the frame
> > finder (with prefocus) would allow good results.  Personally, if I wanted to
> > do that style with a medium format camera, I'd probably go for the baby crown
> > graphic, and use the frame finder.
> The Rollei Sports (Frame) finders are the hidden ergonomic jewels of these
> cameras... Give it a try...
> Eric Goldstein