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Re: [Rollei] Film slitting for Baby Rollei

In a message dated 5/18/2003 1:29:11 AM Eastern Standard Time, martin  writes:

> Hi Rolleiphiles,
> after owning Rolleis for 120 film for several years now, some time ago I
> got bitten by the Baby Rollei bug when seeing one in the display of an
> nice photo shop in Künzelsau. (BTW, they just have an exhibition with
> land- and cityscapes made by the grandfather of the current owner, mostly
> on 18x24 and 13x18 plates in the late 1920's. Talk about quality...)
> Anyway, I bought a nice grey/green specimen (including strap, lens cap and
> a silver Rolleilux) via ebay.
> This thing is so cute! I played with it for hours. However, it took me at
> least half an hour to realize that the shutter won't fire with a closed
> finder... quite useful trigger lock, if you think about it.
> The main problem is of course getting film. Development is no problem,
> Jobo 2502 spirals can hold 127 film. However, after testing the Efke films
> in 120, I'm not too happy to use that curly monster of film. I'll buy and
> use ten films just to get the spools and correctly sized backing paper,
> but after that I'd rather use Delta 100...
> Has anyone on this list successfully used a film slitter to make 127 film
> from 120? I tried to make one film (I have two empty 127 spools) in the
> light from an old roll of film using a Dahle 558 cutter (1400mm long),
> but this is still too short to cut a full length backing paper, and it's
> nearly impossible (even when you can see anything) to get the film to the
> correct size. Obviously, this is not the way to go. I found a few hints on
> the web, but most of them sound either to complicated (machined aluminum
> blocks etc.) or _very_ simple and not quite up to the task.
> Any personal expiriences?
> Martin
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I haven't tried it myself, but I've heard of people simply sawing off the end of a roll of 120 using something like a small mitre box with a stop to set the distance, and a fine-toothed razor saw.  They then respool the film on a proper reel and re-trim the leader on the backing paper.

The mitre box and stop allow you to work in the dark.

G. King


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