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[Rollei] Film slitting for Baby Rollei

Hi Rolleiphiles,

after owning Rolleis for 120 film for several years now, some time ago I
got bitten by the Baby Rollei bug when seeing one in the display of an
nice photo shop in Künzelsau. (BTW, they just have an exhibition with
land- and cityscapes made by the grandfather of the current owner, mostly
on 18x24 and 13x18 plates in the late 1920's. Talk about quality...)
Anyway, I bought a nice grey/green specimen (including strap, lens cap and
a silver Rolleilux) via ebay.

This thing is so cute! I played with it for hours. However, it took me at
least half an hour to realize that the shutter won't fire with a closed
finder... quite useful trigger lock, if you think about it.

The main problem is of course getting film. Development is no problem,
Jobo 2502 spirals can hold 127 film. However, after testing the Efke films
in 120, I'm not too happy to use that curly monster of film. I'll buy and
use ten films just to get the spools and correctly sized backing paper,
but after that I'd rather use Delta 100...

Has anyone on this list successfully used a film slitter to make 127 film
from 120? I tried to make one film (I have two empty 127 spools) in the
light from an old roll of film using a Dahle 558 cutter (1400mm long),
but this is still too short to cut a full length backing paper, and it's
nearly impossible (even when you can see anything) to get the film to the
correct size. Obviously, this is not the way to go. I found a few hints on
the web, but most of them sound either to complicated (machined aluminum
blocks etc.) or _very_ simple and not quite up to the task.

Any personal expiriences?


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