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Re: [Rollei] Just wondering. . .

MS Curry

I would suggest that you IMMEDIATELY calm down and adopt a more positive
attitude toward the others on this List, else you shall become the eighth
person I have had to unsubscribe in the life of this List.  We are not here
to be berated about our love for still photography with Rollei gear, nor
are we here to be won over to your ideas of "guerilla film-making",
whatever that might be.

We are a collegial lot and like to work together on common problems and on
items of common interest.  As another noted, if you do not share these
interests, why are you here?

And threatening a defamation lawsuit against Jerry Lehrer is simply absurd.
 I AM an attorney, and, like you, I am not afraid of NATO, whatever bearing
THAT has on your point.  Be more friendly and accomodating.

Pray, sit on your hands 

Marc James Small
Rollei List Owner

msmall    FAX:  +276/343-7315
Cha robh bàs fir gun ghràs fir!