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Re: [Rollei] Cameras and People, peripheral to PJC's remarks.

I got my first 2.8F (and first Rollei) in 1971. Until then I'd shot only Leica rangefinders for 15 years or so.

I thought "Wow.. just think of the negatives I'm gonna get from this thing".

Well, I shot two rolls and was convinced that the camera was TERRIBLY overrated. Nothing was sharp, even though I'd focused carefully and held the camera steady (I thought).

I believe it was the third roll when I somehow got it right.. maybe the fourth.. but there they were.. images that WERE tack sharp.

Basically, I've had some sort of similar experience every time I've tried to use a camera configured differently than I am used to.  The first few rolls are disappointing, then somehow, I think subconciously, you adapt to the configuration, and the results improve.

I don't do the sort of follow-pan shot that PJC gave as an example, but I'm pretty sure that the use of a pistol grip and a prism, or even the frame finder (with prefocus) would allow good results.  Personally, if I wanted to do that style with a medium format camera, I'd probably go for the baby crown graphic, and use the frame finder.

G. King