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Re: [Rollei] Lawsuit from Curiosity: off topic Zeiss lens, Arri


WTF are you being so defensive?  Have a dram of Lagavulin
and relax.  This is supposed to be a fun group!

Your frenetic responses only bring a chortle and a shake of the head.


Pamelajeancurry   wrote:

>      Jerry,
>         You understand there are limitations under U.S. Law on how far
>     "opinion" can be expressed before if becomes defamatory. If you
> were
>     a "physician", I would take you to the ethics committee of the
> AMA, or
>     worse. The public citizen link to one of many articles on Medical
> Malpractice,
>     about New York's most dangerous and undisciplined doctors.
> http://www.publiccitizen.org/congress/civjus/medmal/articles.cfm?ID=9146
>          If anyone has read my lawsuit against the N.Y. Times or the
> contents
>      of my website (where I've reviewed over 70 texts & training
> videos on the
>      motion picture filmmaking industry) , which is the truth, you
> will find my
>      reply to Mr. King. as a professional was polite.
>          The Milkovitch case which Justice Stevens cited is one of two
> First
>       Amendment cases that belong to this list. It held that a
> newspaper does
>       not immunize itself from a libel action simply by couching its
> accusations as
>       "opinion."  Chief Justice Rehnquist observed:
>                         Since the latter half of the 16th century, the
> common law
>                          has afforded a cause of action for damage to
> a person's
>                          reputation by the publication of false and
> defamatory
>                          statements.
>                          In Shakespeare's Othello, Iago says to
> Othello:
>                          Good name in man and woman, dear my lord,
>                          Is the immediate jewel of their souls.
>                          Who steals my purse steals trash;
>                          'Tis something, nothing;
>                          'Twas mine, 'tis his, and has been slave to
> thousands;
>                          But he that filches from me my good name
>                          Robs me of that which not enriches him,
>                          And makes me poor indeed.
>          I took on two law firms at once, alone, in that instance. My
> energy
>      level is notorious, around the world, from Nato to the U.N.. Only
> that
>      allowed me to accomplish what no other person in the history of
> this
>      country had done to that time. It has hardly diminished.
>           Your reply did not aid communications or clarification of
> the issue.
>       Please take caution in the future.
> Pamela Jean Curry
>> Pam
>> If I were a physician, I would suggest that you take a
>> Prozac and then try to rewrite that message.  Maybe
>> a tranquilizer too!
>> Jerry
>> Pamelajeancurry   wrote:
>>   To G. King:
>>    I personally like 35mm over medium format. But even when I was
>> using a 35mm, my intention was to make moving film so I used the
>> 35mm as
>> often as possible like a moving camera, and not just using the motor
>> drive for the Canon F1. Here is where the cat/dog analogy somewhat
>> fails. Some of
>> the special effects, for example in The Matrix - where the camera
>> makes
>> a  360 degree turn around Mr. Reeves - were done with a series of
>> still cameras.
>>     Medium format also does not go well with my Type A personality,
>> the rough expression in journalism is F8 &Fu__ __ !  That whole
>> backwards focasing thing is not for me.  So you people must have a
>> great
>> deal of patience. I have a cousin who is a professional, with a
>> Portrait
>> Studio that type of patience and limitations are for a different
>> type of
>> personality.   But also, yes ever since I've been reading Daniel
>> Arajon's
>> book on Cinematography anything that can't work like a moving camera
>> isn't of  interest to me.
>>       I do like to test the quality of different types of lenses.
>> If anyone else has any experience with Zeiss, I would appreciate
>> their input.
>> TrueBadger   writes:
>> Let me get this one straight.  You hate your Rollei because it isn't
>> a cinema camera? I understand perfectly.  I have a friend who has
>> always
>    hated his
>> cat because it's the wrong kind of dog.
>> G. King