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Re: [Rollei] Curiosity: off topic Zeiss lens, Arri


If I were a physician, I would suggest that you take a
Prozac and then try to rewrite that message.  Maybe
a tranquilizer too!


Pamelajeancurry   wrote:

>   To G. King:
>      I personally like 35mm over medium format. But even when I was
> using a
>    35mm, my intention was to make moving film so I used the 35mm as
> often
>    as possible like a moving camera, and not just using the motor
> drive for the
>    Canon F1. Here is where the cat/dog analogy somewhat fails. Some of
> the
>    special effects, for example in The Matrix - where the camera makes
> a
>     360 degree turn around Mr. Reeves - were done with a series of
> still cameras.
>        Medium format also does not go well with my Type A personality,
> the
>     rough expression in journalism is F8 & Fu__ __ !  That whole
> backwards
>     focasing thing is not for me.  So you people must have a great
> deal of
>     patience. I have a cousin who is a professional, with a Portrait
> Studio
>     that type of patience and limitations are for a different type of
> personality.
>         But also, yes ever since I've been reading Daniel Arajon's
> book on
>      Cinematography anything that can't work like a moving camera
> isn't of
>       interest to me.
>           I do like to test the quality of different types of lenses.
>            If anyone else has any experience with Zeiss, I would
> appreciate their
>       input.
> TrueBadger   writes:
>> Let me get this one straight.  You hate your Rollei because it isn't
>> a cinema camera?
>> I understand perfectly.  I have a friend who has always hated his
>> cat because it's the wrong kind of dog.
>> G. King