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Re: [Rollei] Curiosity: off topic Zeiss lens, Arri

>             Is there any comparison between the quality of the Zeiss lens in the
>        Rollei and the lenses they make for the cinema?

Some of the Arriflex lenses from the early/mid 1970's were essentially the same as some longer 35mm Rollei/Contax lenses. I am thinking specifically of the 1.4/85, 2.0/135 and 2.8/180. You can also sometimes find Contax lenses re-housed in Aaton
mounts on the used market.

As far as comparing the lenses available on Rollei TLR's and current Zeiss cinema lenses, that is a bit of a long shot. The cinema lenses are much more recent designs, in very different housings, optimized for very different applications, and made to
a much higher price point. I am sure that you could find evidence of the "Zeiss philosophy" in both, especially as regards flare control, consistent colour balance, and mechanical precision, but that's about it.