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Re: [Rollei] Rollinar 3 parallax error

It is not possible to install the prism glass upside down or any other 
way than correctly in a Rolleinar. There is a pin on the body of the 
Rolleinar that locates to a small cut out in the prism glass.'


TrueBadger   wrote:
> You can sort of check this visually.  When the viewing attatchment is 
> fixed to the camera correctly the thin part of the deviation prism is 
> towards the bottom of the camera, the thick part toward the top.  The 
> point about the orientation of the red dot was well-made. 
> I've had my Rolleinars apart for cleaning once, but I honestly don't 
> recall if it's possible to reinstall the prism upside down.  It's worth 
> checking though, and if it is, then it should be apparent from the 
> visual check mentioned above.
> G. King