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Re: [Rollei] RE: OT: Imacon worthiness!


I'm sure that your request was a spoof troll.  Wasn't it?

In all my years of using Leicas, I don't think that I have found
a truly BAD film.   Well, maybe Dufaycolor, but that was
French, so it can be excused.  (Yes, my usage goes waaay
back, though it was my father that used the Dufaycolor)


TrueBadger   wrote:

> I'm waiting anxiously to be advised on what would be the only FILM worthy of the Leica lens.
> Surely we recognize marketing hype when we see it? I mean, after all, we would otherwise be faced with admitting that lenses and cameras have long since passed the 98th percentile relative to the usage we actually make of them, and god forbid, the enthusiast would actually be happy with the equipment he already has.
> What an unthinkable disaster that would be!
> G. King