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Re: [Rollei] Rollinar 3 parallax error


Am I the first one to correct you on your interpretation of the laws
of optics?  The light rays are always bent TOWARd the thicker
part of the prism or lens.


TrueBadger   wrote:

> You can sort of check this visually.  When the viewing attatchment is
> fixed to the camera correctly the thin part of the deviation prism is
> towards the bottom of the camera, the thick part toward the top.  The
> point about the orientation of the red dot was well-made.
> I've had my Rolleinars apart for cleaning once, but I honestly don't
> recall if it's possible to reinstall the prism upside down.  It's
> worth checking though, and if it is, then it should be apparent from
> the visual check mentioned above.
> G. King