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RE: [Rollei] RE: OT: Imacon worthiness!


Real Leica enthusiasts (self included) have more than one..  One
for use, and one or more to be just admired..  ;-)

Same thing happens with Rollei TLR too, doesn't it ?

- - Jay

At 08:18 AM 5/16/2003 -0700, Kotsinadelis, Peter (Peter) wrote:

>You mean people actually put film in Leicas? How novel, I thought they
>were only meant to be collected and fawned over.
>Realize if you put film in one the value immediately decreases.... on
>Peter K
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>Subject: Re: [Rollei] RE: OT: Imacon worthiness!
>I'm waiting anxiously to be advised on what would be the only FILM
>worthy of the Leica lens.
>Surely we recognize marketing hype when we see it? I mean, after all, we
>would otherwise be faced with admitting that lenses and cameras have
>long since passed the 98th percentile relative to the usage we actually
>make of them, and god forbid, the enthusiast would actually be happy
>with the equipment he already has.
>What an unthinkable disaster that would be!
>G. King