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RE: [Rollei] RE: OT: Imacon worthiness!


Agreed. But as Roger Hicks often says, you have work very very hard to
get the same level of quality and detail from 35mm that is easily
produced with larger negatives (and often with older lenses). I agree
with Hicks that most decent MF/LF lenses from the 50's on up should
produce hi quality results.

35mm lenses must resolve at the highest level if you want to make larger
prints (more than 8x10) from 35mm negatives, correct? I'm not
criticizing Leica lenses in any way -- I'd love have a Leica M6 with the
Summicron for travel/street/fun!


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Hi Robert,

> I was LOL after reading that description of the Imacon! If that's 
> true, then no scanner will ever be worthy of scanning a neg from a 
> Rolleiflex, not to mention any large format negative.

That's actually not true.  MF and LF lenses don't have as high an MTF as
35mm lenses do.  The advantage of MF and LF is purely in the film size.